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Time to Shake it Up and Shake it Off!

Christmas cocktail

Santa’s Little Ho Ho Ingredients: 1 bottle of Champagne—chilled 1 bottle Ginger Ale—chilled 2 packages frozen Raspberries or Strawberries pureed 1 bottle Ginger Ale—chilled Directions: In a large punch bowl combine the champagne, ginger ale and berry puree. Gently stir and serve. ‘Tis the Season to look for that special spirit to enhance your Christmas…

Dear Santa—Define Good!

Erika Reade christmas post

Dear Santa, I have been 90% good…well, maybe 80% good—never mind. I am going to Erika Reade Christmas shopping for myself and everyone on my list. Welcome to Christmas shopping Heaven! I am sharing one of my holiday shopping secrets with all of you today. This enchanting little boutique is like shopping in heaven—really! They…

C K Swan—My Happy Place

CK Swan post

CK Swan…my Happy Place! Everything you need to pull together a room can be found at CK Swan. Art, lamps, serving boards, baskets, candles, table top, blue and white accents, wicker, plates, trays, white china—they have it all to finish off your space. Mass things together and they become fascinating. They give a room instant…