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Soup’s On!

how to make soup

  Soup, soup and another bowl of soup … the kitchen has been abuzz with soups this Winter. Chicken noodle, tomato-basil, white bean and kale and chicken chili with extra chili are the new favorites here. I save all bones and shells for homemade stocks. My freezer now boasts chicken, smoked chicken, shrimp, beef and…

Café Lapin for Breakfast

Cafe Lapin breakfast

  Breakfast with friends—what a wonderful sound that has. This month’s choice was Cafe Lapin in Peachtree Battle Shopping Center. Everyone knows their lunches are delicious, but so are their breakfasts! The Omelettes aux Champignons are out of this world—light, fluffy and filled to perfection. And what is a breakfast without hash browns—not delicious! The…