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Marble, marble everywhere. It is final decision time on the kitchen counter and island tops. I know that I will be using honed soapstone on the counter, but I wanted something a little different for the island top. I started looking at Carrara, but could not find a piece with enough movement–that is stone language for crazy swirls and veins. Here are a few of my many choices …

Lissy Parker blog

This Carrara was just too plain …

Lissy Parker blog

Another slab of Carrara

Lissy Parker blog

Amazing Arabescato marble

Lissy Parker blog

A little movement here

More Marble … like the movement

Lissy Parker blog

More movement is this slab

Lissy Parker blog,

Marble, marble everywhere

Decisions, decisions … I will let you know the results a little later.

xo♥, Lissy

October 8, 2012



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