Every Dog has his day here!

Imagine walking through this hall every time you come home. My friend Sally Johannessen of Dovetail Antiques designed this warm and welcoming entry. The tall mirrors once graced a French home as windows. The Dog accessories, collected over years, are arranged to perfection. The chest between the mirrors anchors the hall and holds the two architectural lamps. A window seat, opposite the mirrors, looks out onto a wonderful garden and pond. Can’t you just picture yourself here on a cool Autumn afternoon? Next to the back door are a pair of unique Dog Brackets hanging above a pegboard that holds Dog collars and leashes ready for a walk with your best friend. In the back hall is Sally’s signature—shutters used to mount paintings. Enjoy the creativity.

Overview of the Entry—Reflection of the Garden in the Mirrors

I love all of the Collections and the Symmetry

Needlepoint and Antique fabrics are used on the Pillows in the Window Seat

Charming view of the Garden through the Antique Mirrors

Shutters used to mount paintings—So creative

Pegs under Dog Brackets hold leashes at the door...a Dog's dream

And if you’re wondering about the artist, several of the dog “close ups” were painted by Sally.

September 1, 2011
September 9, 2011


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    Betsy Irby

    September 7, 2011

    Lissy, I visited with Sally just a few weeks ago when she had just completed this decorator room. She is such a fun and talented person. I talked with her a year ago about painting my ausssiedoodles and I plan to follow up soon.


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