Friday Flowers—Last of the Hydrangeas

hydrangea strawberry sundae

I definitely need this hydrangea in my garden.

WThe hydrangeas this year were the most amazing I’ve ever seen! I found a few remaining blooms from this season’s abundance to cut and bring into the house. The glorious range of colors are a hint that fall is on the way. I love fall! I cut these ginormous blooms, with permission of course, from a local club. And these weren’t even the largest blooms—those were bigger than my head.

Just in case you were wondering about the name of this stunning plant, I have the info for you— hydrangea variety:  Strawberry Sundae. This particular bush was over six feet tall and nearly eight feet wide. It was planted alone on the corner of a building and was a real show stopper.  this variety where it had plenty of room to grow and spread—and you probably only need one plant to make a big statement.

I’m definitely going to find a place in my garden for this lovely flower!

hydrangea flower arrangement

I love them in front of this daybed in the kitchen.


All photos by Lissy Parker for You are welcome to ‘borrow’ my photos—just please credit the source.


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    Design Chic

    September 2, 2016

    The color is amazing, Lissy, as is the peek of your room! Enjoy the holiday weekend!


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