Friday Flowers—Special Delivery!

Flower delivery
What a wonderful gift!

I love a flower delivery! What a wonderful surprise when the door bell rang and this lovely planter arrived. All of this greenery was just what I needed to brighten my day—we all need a flower delivery right about now. My wonderful realtor sent them as a thank you. You know I am a faux boise nut and this lovely planter will be added to that collection. It looks perfect every place I put it around the house…it has already moved 3 times. Brighten someones day with a flower delivery of your own. Cut a few stems from your own garden or call the local garden center or florist for a little help—I promise they will love it.

friday flowers
Faux boise is my favorite.
friday flowers
I love this narrow planter.
friday flowers
Begonia leaf close-up.
friday flowers
I need to find the name of this tiny plant.
friday flowers
Gracie is admiring from ‘her’ chair.

xo♥, Lissy

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