KonMari, Yes Please!


baking supply drawer organization

The baking drawer looks and works perfectly. The colorful supplies are from The Container Store.


How is your house organizing going? I am in full-fledged KonMari mode right now.  The closets have been emptied and the folding has been perfected—I can make a sock stand at attention. If you don’t know what I am talking about it’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up written by Marie Kondo. I wrote about this book a while back—have a look here. Her new Netflix series called Tidying Up is worth binge watching.

I tackled my closet a while back, but I may just rip it out and start over. All of the drawers were installed on one side—my side! The shorter clothes are over the two chests and the longer ones are behind the wall—I am 5’10” for goodness sake. Mr. P’s whole section just collapsed like in The Money Pit! I will let you know what we decide.

Back to the kitchen, panty and laundry. I’m grouping everything in plastic bins and boxes. I’ve been measured the drawers and arranged bamboo boxes in the proper sizes. One simple trick I have learned is to use champagne and wind corks to fill in the dead space at the back of the drawer. They can be cut to size really easily and hold the boxes in place.  Have a quick look and go open another bottle of champagne…. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere and you need those corks!

kitchen organization

Kitchen towels, drying towels and cocktail napkins are all within arms reach.


tea and hot chocolate drawer

Here is the Tea and Hot Chocolate drawer now.


Yes tea

This is last year…ORGANIZATION!


KnoMarie closet

I’ve moved all of the Winter coats, scarves and gloves from the bedroom closet to the Danish wardrobe in the living room—right next to the front door.


KonMarie closet

Gloves, mittens and hats— folded according to Marie and easy to find. We have lots now that we live in the mountains.


xo♥, Lissy
All photos by Lissy Parker for lissyparker.com. You are welcome to ‘borrow’ my photos—just please credit and link the source.

January 30, 2019



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    February 22, 2019

    I have been doing the same, such a great feeling. Now saving well made shoeboxes, etc. Your tea drawer is exceptionally pretty. And I love your cocktail napkins, were they purchased in Atlanta?

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      February 25, 2019

      Cindy, The cocktail napkins are from Erika Reade in Atlanta. They come in a any color you can imagine.


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