More France—Oui!

Small French town

Yes, please!


We all need a dreamy get-a-way now and then. How about a little trip to the French countryside? Maybe a café and shopping would make for a lovely day—or maybe you are the history buff and need to see it all. Come along with me for a Friday to Monday … or maybe just a bit longer. This visual get-a-way has it all—enjoy!


Best French food

French food awaits the hungry or hangry.


shopping in France

A little shopping? Retail therapy is always a good idea.


French cathedral

The light in this Cathedral is stunning!


artful bunny

Art is just around every corner—artful bunny greets one and all.


Art in France

A little collection of floating wine glasses lifts the day.



French art

Even French hens rise to art forms.


rain in France

Even the rain is lovely in France!


French sidewalk cafe

Colorful sidewalk cafés line every street.


French gardens

And the gardens—magnifique’!


French Chateau

Let’s go to my Chateau—wish.


French tour

One more arch—we are all tourist somewhere.


French carousel

Only in France! The carousel in La Rochelle.


xo♥, Lissy
All photos for You are welcome to’borrow’ my photos—just lease credit and link the source.

July 6, 2018



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