Opening Soon—Keven Hawkins Mountain Living

KWork is happening at lighting speed as Keven Hawkins readies his new store in Cashiers, North Carolina for business (341 Highway 107 South, 28717). You may remember that Keven is the talented architect responsible for the renovation of my most recent mountain house—and I’m keeping this house … really.

The store will carry a wide variety of home furnishings and tableware along with fresh-cut flowers and live plants—even a few antiques thrown in for fun. The building will also house for Mr. Hawkins’ architectural office and design studio. He is busy scheduling lectures, book signings and maybe a social gathering or two to take place in the greenhouse. Stop by and check out the progress the next time you are in Cashiers or visit Keven’s website,

Floors are being painted ...

Floors are being painted …

Windows are being washed ...

Windows are being washed …

Garden rooms are being filled ... come by for a visit

Garden rooms are being filled. Go by for a visit!



xo♥, Lissy

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May 20, 2013



  1. Reply

    Cathy Garrett

    May 22, 2013

    Keven’s shop looks great and I can’t wait to stop by and see it! The red doors look great!

    • Reply


      May 22, 2013

      The Red on the doors is wonderful—wait until you see the greenhouse!

  2. Reply

    Darrin Ellis-May

    May 23, 2013

    Painted floors …. Hmmmm wonder where he got THAT idea :)))

    • Reply


      May 28, 2013

      Love all of these painted floors!


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