Pink Cherry Blossoms

Friday Flowers

  My cherry tree is absolutely amazing this year! The blooms are every shade of pink and so abundant that you have to get a closer look. The spring in North Carolina has been a little slow this year but this tree's neon blooms just made my … Read more

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Drop Dead Drop Caps

What the heck is a drop cap? Drop caps (or initial caps) are illustrated letters that are stylish entry points into text! They open a communication piece with personality and visual impact. Typically you use the first letter of the first word, but I … Read more

Spring is in the air—Finally

Friday Flowers

  Spring—finally! These beautiful hydrangea are making my construction area patio a little evening escape from all of the activity. I love the mix of three different hydrangea surrounded by calm cooling greenery. I planted these in my garden … Read more

Mountain Houses

Kitchen Crush—that is all I need to say

Hello Gorgeous!

  Every once in a while you come upon a house renovation that is truly a work straight from the designer's heart—this is one of those houses. This beautiful home in the North Carolina mountains is the work of architect and Designer Keven … Read more

Followed by making her chicken stock

Things to do during construction

Construction in Cashiers is underway! We will be adding a laundry room and a pantry upstairs—no more trips to the basement with loaded arms. The new space will include an office, a small kitchen area, a party and entertaining room, a screened porch … Read more

I love topiary—especially at Christmas

Merry, Merry from Savannah!

Savannah at Christmas is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. The weather is wonderful and the town is decorated to the nines in December. We always make a special trip to Isle of Hope for a leisurely walk down the bluff. The smell of … Read more

They’ve said…

  • Cathy, that 'T' is so very cute! xo — lissyparker
  • I love the drop caps they are so charming thanks for… — Cathy Garrett
  • Thank you! You will see more of the beautiful letters soon. xo — lissyparker
  • As a letter lover, I commend you and your creative project.! — Nancoirnancynancy
  • Gorgeous!!! Makes My Heart Feel Glad!!! — Suzette Parker


House Crush!

Sold! Thank you Glenis and Jennifer


The answer is YES—the Atlanta house is SOLD! The movers have made the last trip … Read more