Small potted white hydrangea

Friday Flowers

This precious little white hydrangea was delivered by Mr.'P' this week. He has been traveling and playing golf a lot lately! The guys at Boxwoods Atlanta are  his best friends now. Have a wonderful Spring weekend! xo♥, Lissy All photos by Lissy … Read more

Yellow bungalow

House Crush N° 28

There is a whole new craze over tiny houses in the media now. I think most of the ones seen on television need to take a lesson from the tiny houses featured in this post—they are simply charming! Tiny can also include great taste and design. The … Read more

Myrtle topiary and Hydrangea

Friday Flowers

  Happy Friday! I am changing it up a little this Friday. The flowers today are a beautiful mixed display I found while out and about in Atlanta. The myrtle topiary and pink hydrangea just make me smile. How can you not be happy with a … Read more

Mountain Houses

New addition framing

What’s New?

  I have had so many requests for a construction update—so it's finally time. The last addition update was at the start of foundation, electrical and plumbing work. I hate electrical and plumbing work— you can't see any beautiful results! … Read more

Kitchen Crush—that is all I need to say

Hello Gorgeous!

  Every once in a while you come upon a house renovation that is truly a work straight from the designer's heart—this is one of those houses. This beautiful home in the North Carolina mountains is the work of architect and Designer Keven … Read more

Followed by making her chicken stock

Things to do during construction

Construction in Cashiers is underway! We will be adding a laundry room and a pantry upstairs—no more trips to the basement with loaded arms. The new space will include an office, a small kitchen area, a party and entertaining room, a screened porch … Read more

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House Crush!

Sold! Thank you Glenis and Jennifer


The answer is YES—the Atlanta house is SOLD! The movers have made the last trip … Read more