Welcome to the Summer garden

Summer Afternoon …

Summer Afternoon ... the two most beautiful words in the English language according to Henry James. Well, I agree with Henry—alfresco meals, lounge chairs, running water, freshly mowed grass and hammocks are all the best things about Summer. Oh, and … Read more

Tile for the bathroom

Marble and FIG

Shopping, shopping and more shopping—yes, I am having fun! The Master bathroom renovation is underway. We are making all the selections for marble, tile and fixtures as we speak. I just spent the day in Asheville with my Architect, Keven Hawkins, … Read more

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House Crush!

t's house crush day again. This little Charmer is not so little at all. Though it appears to be a simple shingled cottage, the home also has a rear addition that triples its size. Don't you just love it when renovations keep the original charm of the … Read more

Mountain Houses

Blue and White arrangement in the Dinning Room—and that Faux Bois table is beautiful

Following Faudree—the Estate Sale

Who will fill Charles Faudree's shoes? No one comes to my mind. I'll always think of him as the kindly gentleman who lived quietly and elegantly down the mountain from me. Mr. Faudree may have been a modest gentleman, but even to know him casually, … Read more

Only the table and chairs are left in the dining room

Moving Day … Again

Here we go again—moving day. I think I may be a professional at moving having packed and unpacked four houses in the last few months. Remember, two in Savannah and now we are packing the Atlanta house and moving half of it to North Carolina. Yes, we … Read more

A very BIG view from this room

Carolina Blue Sky

'Blue Skies for Days' would be a great name for this house ... or maybe 'Top of the World.' Can you imagine waking up to this view every morning—spectacular! Morning coffee or evening cocktails—a party every day on this porch. Lucky the guest that's … Read more


House Crush!

Welcome to the English Cottage inspired home

House Crush!

The beautiful home featured in this 'House Crush' is currently on the market in … Read more

Welcome home—Mr. Blandings would love this

House Crush!

I have been crushing on this house for years. It was one of the first homes ever … Read more