Fall plantings waiting for the fence and stones

New Ditch—no,Chase

Our front garden needed a little something to define the space, so we added this locust railing in front of the new flower bed on the street. I had searched for an idea to make the drainage ditch a little more interesting—dare I say appealing. My … Read more

Ready for my close-up

Sheep? Yes, sheep!

The latest craze in Buckhead is to have this charming flock of workers clear your land. They keep long hours and do a wonderful job of clearing overgrown landscapes. They are a real traffic stopper and photo opportunity ... and children can't resist … Read more

Pink tulips

OMG— National Pink Day!

I could not believe my ears, or my text message this morning— today is National Pink Day! I wonder what wonderful person came up with a Pink Day? Well, who ever it was, thank you so very much, and thank you Holly Kerr for letting me know.  Here are a … Read more

Mountain Houses

Electrician—here we go again

Chinese Red Lantern

Here we go again! The lantern in the family room area is being changed—yet again. The first carriage lantern was hung temporarily just to have light in the room. Black and just a little large for the space, we changed that lantern about a year ago … Read more

The new Orangerie

Black and White … and read all over!

My sweet editor has studied photography for a while now. She was in Cashiers for a garden tour and asked if she could take some black and white photos to study the light in my house. I was happy to have someone else take pictures so I could … Read more

An enclosed boxwood garden hides all electrical and hvac—stealing this idea

House Crush—Party Pavilion Crush—Guest House Crush!

The title of this post should really be—Crush on it All! This incredibly charming patio, pavilion, garage and guest house is located at the home of Atlanta designer Beth Ervin. I have admired this home from afar for awhile now, but the pavilion porch … Read more


House Crush!

Just imagine the possibilities!

House Crush!

I just love finding magical little houses! This tiny charmer is hidden behind a … Read more

Welcome to the English Cottage inspired home

House Crush!

The beautiful home featured in this 'House Crush' is currently on the market in … Read more