Ready … Set that Table!

Pull out all of the colors for Spring and Easter.


Who needs a little table setting inspiration—ME. Sometimes I run out of ideas, or maybe I just run out of steam. I am trying to do a better job of the whole table setting thing … even if it is just for two. I could have one to seven at my table at any given time. We have family, friends and the occasional house guest dropping by frequently—we do live in a resort town, lol.  Here are a few tricks that I have learned to help me set a beautiful table … and a few tables to inspire you.

  1. Always keep table clothes and place mats ready for use. I use large hangers for BB&B—keep it simple.
  2. Keep an assortment of candles on hand—every size and color. By them when they are on sale at the end of the season.
  3. Collect pretty glasses in colors to add interest—garage sales and thrift stores are good places to look.
  4. Mix and match silver ware, plates and even glasses…not everyone has a whole set of these.
  5. KISS … keep it simple silly! Best idea of them all—set the table for a week or two and clean as needed.
  6. Sit down and enjoy the beautiful table and food—even if it is only take-out.


    Colorful china to mix and match for Spring—Erika Reade.


Jasper ware china

Use your collections—has Martha Stewart seen this for her collection.


red, white and blue table setting

I always love a good mix of blue and white.


Red, white and blue

How about using a quilt or throw as a table cloth.


Simon Pearce glass

Group a few lovely candle sticks together for an instant centerpiece—Erika Reade.


table setting for friends

The table setting included those green plates I found at Helen Ballard’s estate sale and a throw  as a tablecloth.


place setting

I would love to be a guest at this party—Francie Hargrove.


Tish Mills Designer Atlanta

Tish Mills used a blue and white vase with simple leaves for a centerpiece.


blue and white china

Another table features another classic—blue and white from Rustixs.


champagne bar

Black and white is simple and classic.


coral plates

Cute coral plates make a statement—from The Vine, St. Simons Island,


coral napkins

Your table would love these napkins from Elizabeth Smith on St. Simons Island.


Valentine's Day gifts

Themed tables are a great idea too—Erika Reade, Atlanta.


dramatic table

Or WOW them with this dramatic table from Ballard Designs.


boxed lunches decorated

Even a simple boxed lunch can be elevated by a little ribbon and greenery from the garden!


xo♥, Lissy
All photos by Lissy Parker for You arer welcome to ‘borrow’ my photos—just please credit and link the source.

March 30, 2018



  1. Reply

    Nancy Caswell

    March 28, 2018

    The “P” flower monogram is fabulous!!!
    Where can I purchase these with a “C”???

    Happy Easter! 💐⛪️💐

    • Reply


      April 3, 2018

      Thank you! You can purchase from the equally fabulous Jenny Allen. jennyallen123 on Instagram.


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