Snow, snow, snow!

Snow in the south makes me giddy, and I always want to go outside and enjoy the Winter Wonderland. We’ve had snow in North Carolina for four days in a row now, and I am doing a happy dance! I love the whole idea of snow–especially walking in it and hearing it crunch under my boots. I’ve also learned a little more about my new neighborhood with this round of winter weather. Just as I wondered how I would get down the ridge to the main road, the most beautiful red pick-up truck came plowing down the lane with a snow pusher attached to the front and a salt spreader attached to the tailgate. We do love our pick-ups in the south! If you have not had any snow yet, please enjoy a little of mine.

Back deck and Snow

Back deck and Snow

The boxwood and hemlocks were top heavy today

Top heavy boxwood and hemlocks


This side of the house is near the snow covered road

Side of the house near snow-covered road


The lower fence and terrace are inches deep in white

Lower fence and terrace inches deep in white


Snow covered trees are so beautiful

Snow-covered trees—so beautiful


Is this Aspen?

Is this Aspen?


Bing Crosby may come through the door singing White Christmas at any minute

Bing Crosby may come through the door singing White Christmas!


I can hear the chorus–Snow, snow, snow,snow, snow ...

I hear the chorus–Snow, snow, snow,snow, snow …


Bowing snow covered hemlocks

Bowing snow-covered hemlocks


More, more, more-yes, please

More, more, more—yes, please


Old Bald covered with snow and ice

Old Bald covered with snow and ice


The view from my kitchen window–the pink roses are from Mr. 'P'

View from kitchen window— pink roses from Mr. ‘P’


I hope you enjoyed the snow–now go enjoy your day!

xo♥, Lissy

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February 1, 2013
February 7, 2013



  1. Reply

    Cathy Garrett

    February 5, 2013

    Oh wow so pretty. I wonder what it looks like at my house.

    • Reply


      February 5, 2013

      We still have a few patches today.

  2. Reply


    February 6, 2013

    love how the snow makes the world so quiet. So fresh.

    ps: I hunted down your towel bar at Boxwoods…found it, but then chickened out. Want it….but “need” a place for it. Another house perhaps?!

    • Reply


      February 6, 2013

      Jennifer, It is magical!

  3. Reply

    Frances Schultz

    February 8, 2013

    Beautiful, Lissy! And Lord have mercy it is even snowing up here at Rancho La Zaca this morning, which happens, like, never. This is Southern California for heaven’s sake! So it won’t stick… Love your photos. You have such a good eye. xo Frances

    • Reply


      February 9, 2013

      Frances, Snow in Southern California?! Wow, everyone must be running outside to see more. I love this house–I would have never designed a house like this, but it just feel great.
      Thank you for stopping by to see my little-ole-blog. xo


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