Things You Should Never Stop Doing!

Never stop setting a beautiful table

Never stop setting a beautiful table!


There are a zillion things to distract you, but don’t stop enjoying the beautiful comforts of life! Shop at Erika Reade Ltd in Atlanta to add beauty and style to your home. Go from mundane to fabulous! Erika Reade has beautiful table setting ideas, brilliant glass ware, rugs for every room in your fabulous home and a plethora of ideas to make shopping a delight. I found table ideas, fresh new bed and bath decor and inspiration around every corner for my home. If you need a gift for that special birthday girl or that adorable new baby, they have you covered. Erika Reade has a great selection of PJs, scarves, jewelry, beautiful blouses and cute sundresses all ready to pack and go. Never stop making your wonderful life fabulous!

How about this colorful table for your Summer parties

Fresh colors for summer entertaining—never miss the celebrations that summer brings.


New pillows can transform a room

Never overlook fresh pillow to transform a room—go seasonal.


Tons of new glassware—for the ones that were broken—no names

Never name names—just replace that broken glassware for summer drinks 🙂


Lunch or Dinner is served

Open your mind to new shapes and styles—never get stuck in a rut.


More ideas for your table

Never stop giving—more ideas for your table and gifts.


How about this painted cabinet to store your treasures

How about this painted cabinet to store your treasures—never forget to enjoy your keepsakes.


Or this beautiful antique to hide it all away

Never forget to hide the clutter—in a beautiful antique preferably. And those chairs—wow!


Love these aqua lamps—think Spring

Never forget lighting—think spring with these aqua lamps!


Brighten your walls with Art

Look at these fabulous textures—never stop appreciating design elements!



Freshen your beds with new linens

How about lovely new linens? Never forget to freshen your bed.


Loving this all white look

Loving this all-white look—never stop freshening your look.


Soaps, bath salts and bubble bath—Ahhh

Never forget to stock the bath—soaps, bath salts and bubble bath. Ahhh ….


How about this charming shelf to store your towels and bath goodies

And how about this charming shelf to store your towels and bath goodies.


Scents to fill very room—try the Prosecco or Peony

Never forget the to add scents—try the Prosecco or Peony.


Great large lamp—careful the Toffee is Addicting

Enjoy a bit of candy—don’t say never—but be careful because the Toffee is addicting! And what a fabulous lamp!


Nice frames for that special graduate

Never forget those special graduates this time of year—how about a nice frame?


Adorable gifts for all of the new babies

Adorable gifts for all of the little ones—never stop sending baby gifts.


Toys, toys and more toys for the little ones

Toys, toys and more toys for little ones—never stop growing 🙂


And Don't forget Mom—it's almost Mother's Day

And never forget Mom—it’s almost Mother’s Day!


xo♥, Lissy
All photos by Lissy Parker for You are welcome to borrow my photos—just please credit the source.

April 15, 2016
April 22, 2016



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    April 20, 2016

    Great post!!! And never stop remembering great friends!!! Like you!!! xo

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      April 21, 2016

      You are the Best!

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    November 18, 2016

    Beautiful photos! Where is this store?


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