Up the Garden Path

stone path

Stone and boxwood—nothing could be better.






























Generous gardens are my favorite. Pathways overflowing with all shades of green, flowers billowing in the wind, branches bending over the path—they all make a garden magical to me. This garden belongs to a friend of mine and has always been a source of inspiration for my own garden.

The stone and gravel paths are lined with boxwood, hydrangea and abundant luscious blooms. Around every corner a new focal point is just waiting to surprise you. It could be a pot of tulips in full bloom, a statue, antique urns, fountains or a bench calling your name to sit and take it all in.

Come explore this magical place with me. Maybe this garden will inspire you to add something new to your own garden!

garden bench

I love this bench peeking out from under the hydrangea.


tulips in a pot



stone and grass steps

Another path to follow …


rion grill in a garden path

A new surprise around every corner


boxwood maze

A maze is always a good idea.


white tall flowers

The tall spikes line the path to the front door.


succelent garden

How about adding a few succulents for interest—try a few in a pot.


hydrangea lining a path

I am definitely going to use this lovely idea to edge a gravel path.


steps in the garden

What a wonderful garden to come home to.

♥, Lissy
All photos for lissyparker.com.

June 30, 2017
July 7, 2017



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