We Have Walls!

Hallelujah, we finally have walls! It has been a long time since I posted a mountain house update, but today is the day. The electrical was such a tangle of worms that the whole house needed to be rewired. It took weeks to locate every switch and wire, but it is off of the ‘Fire Hazard’ list now. Thanks go out to Tom, Boris and Joe Dan for the excellent job of wiring and rebuilding.

The windows have all been installed–except the large round one and that is going in this week. The Dutch doors and large porch opening doors are due in this week also, and I hope to get an update soon.

The new paint color is a hit with everyone who sees it–thank you Keven Hawkins for the wonderful new color. Final sheet-rock taping and sanding is going on now so I left the dust factory for Atlanta. The neighbors thought the house was on fire because of all the dust. They went to check and there was a ‘Dust’ covered man coming out of the front door slapping the dust off that covered him head to toe! More updated ASAP.

Wonderful walls in the old sunroom area–now the Family room

New Kitchen and Dining area–large new door will be on the left

New Entry hall with no Fake stone arches

New window in the powder room–both doors will become Dutch doors

Oh, I almost forgot the new strongest,largest deck in the world–it’s a Guy thing

I love this rough–sawn red oak that will be the deck surround

This is the beautiful new porch landing–named ‘Lissy’s Landing’ by Mr. ‘P’–the boys just wanted simple stairs.

xo♥, Lissy

All photos by Lissy Parker for lissyparker.com

August 6, 2012
August 10, 2012



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