A Glimpse of Bliss!

Sea island spa

Ok, lets talk spas—this one has it all!


Spa, rest, message, steam, juice, yoga…repeat! Who needs a little get-a-way right about now? Me.

Whether you love the beach, mountains or something in between, take some time for yourself. It’s the season for refreshing for all of us. If your schedule won’t allow for a spa visit make your home into your favorite spa.

Light a few candles, steam up your shower and detox. Fill the tub with bubbles, turn the lights low and enjoy. Scrubs, lotions, a facial and relaxing scents can totally refresh you this weekend. Don’t forget your favorite fuzzy slippers and a cup of hot tea or a chilled glass of champagne to complete your experience.

Enjoy a glimpse of bliss today!


Sea Island

Wow, this is the rest area inside the spa.


mountain house view

That view would relax us all.


bath things

Add everything you need for that relaxing bath or shower.


The Vine St Simons Island

Don’t forget the candles to fill the room with your favorite scent.


Irish garden

The hotel view might be your idea of relaxing.


pink fuzzy slippers from UGGs

These fuzzy pink slippers are a necessity!


xo♥, Lissy
All photos by Lissy Parker for lissyparker.com. You are welcome to ‘borrow’ my photos—just please credit and link the source.


April 5, 2019
April 22, 2019



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    April 24, 2019

    Lissy – I want to go to all the places above! Know the first two are Sea Island. Where are the shops, mountains and hotel – and how can I get those slippers. This is such a dreamy post, just want to know more:)
    Thanks so much!

    • Reply


      May 1, 2019

      Julia, the shop is Erika Reade in Atlanta and the slippers are from Nordstrom’s. They are sooo warm.
      so, Lissy

      • Reply


        May 1, 2019

        Thank you for letting me know! Love reading your posts!!!

        • Reply


          May 2, 2019

          Julia, Thank you for following!


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