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The morning view.

Late night and you arrive at your hotel and find that is has been over booked—what! Your Uber driver says…”why don’t you stay at The Castle?” That is exactly what happened to Mr. P last week in New York. Who knew your Uber driver was Google in disguise. The Oheka Castle is located in Cold Spring Harbor, New York and is set on 443 acres. Formerly a private residence it is now a luxury 6 star hotel and an amazing wedding destination. 6 Star…I had no idea that was even a thing. We now know where Mr. P will be staying on his next visit. Hopefully we can get a few more photos. The next time you are in a pinch…check with your Uber driver for incredible local spots.

6 star hotel
Who knew this was on Long Island.
6 star hotel
Garden towers are my favorite.
6 star hotel
Green, green and more green.
6 star hotel
More please.
6 star hotel
Palms and flowers greet you at the door.
6 star hotel
Even the Drive and parking are beautiful.
6 star hotel
Breakfast is served.
6 star Hotel
Yes, this is dining room.
6 star hotel
Vines still cover the walls.
6 star hotel
6 Star Hotel!

xo♥,, Lissy

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November 13, 2019



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