Camp Boxwoods—Lights, Camera, Action!

Formal boxwood entry garden
Formal boxwood entry garden

Boxwood entry garden welcomes all.

W The Originals—the season finale of the hit show—is being filmed at my friends’ farm in Madison, Georgia. The location director must have been in heaven when he found their farm. The home and gardens are so beautiful already that little work was required. My friends Randy Korando and Dan Belman are the owners of this amazing place. And they also own one of my favorite shopping destinations in Atlanta—Boxwoods Gardens & Gifts. Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows that Boxwoods is my Happy Place, along with several thousand other people in Atlanta who go there to put smiles on their faces and sunshine back in their days.

Have a peek at the making of the show and a few before and afters of the set design. Then click on over for more pictures of the farmhouse in the April issue of Victoria.

baby calf and dog running in the garden

Beefcake and Jenny have a great time in the garden!


Scottish long hair calf sitting in owners lap

Randy and Beefcake enjoy lunch!


Rooster coming in the farm house door

General Lee—the rooster—greets all visitors. (This was a real farm.)


Setting up for a TV shoot ofThe Originals

Set up for the shoot begins. Looks like they are building a town …


The Originals vampires and werewolves

The army is getting ready. Is that a vampire or a werewolf?


TV crew filming in the boxwood garden

It takes an army to get the shot!


Baby Calf in the vegetable garden

The vegetable garden before its close-up—and there’s cutie pie Beefcake again!


Boxwood garden in a holly hedge with white picket fence

And here’s the veggie garden ‘after’ the crew finished planting flowers.


Actors getting hair and make-up

The Originals cast getting last minute hair and make-up—wish I had a traveling crew.


Bedroom coverted to a hospital room

The dining room became a hospital for this episode.


Living room ready for the TV show The Originals

Living Room is ready for the day’s shoot—very dark and moody.

Cathedral ceiling in an aqua dinning room

The same living room set for a Thanksgiving family dinner—wow, I like this much better!


Aqua and white living room

Here’s another view of the living room.


Mirror and plates on the wall

The front entry hall is used as part of the hospital room.


Actor walking through flower garden

What a lovely place to work for the day!


The Originals cast in the garden

The actors are shooting the season finale ‘The Bloody Crown.’


Sprinklers watering a boxwood edged flower garden

At the end of the day it all gets watered and ready for tomorrows shoot!


xo♥, Lissy
Thank you Randy Korando and Dan Belman for providing the photos.


June 3, 2016



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    Cathy Garrett

    June 1, 2016

    This is a gorgeous place! The garden and flowers oh la la!!!

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      June 1, 2016

      Cathy, This farm is truly an amazing place. It was originally a 1970’s ranch!

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