Deck the Halls—Don’t be a Grinch!

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Merry Christmas—tell Santa we are ready!


It’s Here! Christmas decorations fill every store, holiday music is playing on every station and decorated homes are big and fantastic this year.

Hallmark has Christmas movies on three channels and I found a sweatshirt perfect for all…thank you Brooklyn Decker for the link. Go BIG this year—we all need a little ‘happy’ right about now.

Put wreaths on all of your windows, and put bows on everything. Swag garland along your fence and railing, and light up a tree or two. Wrap columns if you have them, and tie a wreath on the front of your car—go Very Merry this year.

Turn on the music and the movie, and order that sweatshirt! Ready, set—Go!


Lissy Parker blog,

They even remembered the fence-love this house.


Lissy Parker lbog,

Simple topiary and greenery set the entrance.


Lissy parker blog,

How about these candy cane columns for an entrance.


Lissy parker blog,

Simple elegance.


Lissy Parker blog,

Greenery is the feature here.


Lissy Parkr blog,

A little red bow


Lissy Parker blog

More candy cane poles!


Lissy Parker blog

How about this Woody with a Christmas tree on top!


Lissy Parker blog,

All time classic Christmas decorating at it’s best.


Christmas decoration Grinch

I love topiary—especially at Christmas.


Christmas decorating Grinch

Swag of green adorn the Gingerbread house.


Christmas decorations Grinch

My personal favorite—Oh the stories it could tell!


Christmas decorations

This Charmer sits on a commanding corner lot.


Christmas decorations Grinch

I love the wrap-around porch and the red tin roof on this home.


xo♥, Lissy
All photos by Lissy Parker for You are welcome to ‘borrow’ my photos—just please credit and link the source.

December 7, 2018



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