Ding Dong cocktails are ready
Ding Dong cocktails are ready

Welcome—the beginnings of a great time!


WRemember when your mother had guests over for coffee or tea? And those cookies and cakes that were served were special treats for us children, too. Mother made this friendly gesture to neighbors regularly, and they returned the favor. Whatever happened to that?  We would often find ourselves loaded in the car headed over to a someone’s home for a little “tea and scandal” (as Agatha Christie would say). I have fond memories of those times—except when my brother fell on a glass coffee table requiring a trip to the doctor for several stitches.

Our lives seem too busy for this charming custom, but my neighbors are doing their part to change that!  The regular ding-dong at my door in my friendly mountain neighborhood was a surprise at first (because no one in Atlanta shows up at your door unannounced), but I’ve learned to relax and enjoy the thoughtful nature of these surprise visits. Sometimes they even morph into wine tastings! This habit says to me that someone cares and takes the time to include me in their busy lives.

Why not go to the store and grab a few extra bottles of wine, some gourmet coffee,  a few specialty teas—and yummy snacks, too—so you can have a mini-party when you hear the ding-dong. Maybe we should pay a call on our neighbors, too 😉

Ding dong, cocktail party

Start your shopping at Mountain Fresh Grocery in Highlands.


ding dong cocktail party

The cheese selection is extensive.


cocktail party

Pick up a few ready to serve dips and spreads to make entertaining easy.


home made crackers

They have three varieties of fresh made crackers—cheddar chili is a favorite.


fruit and cheese board

Then add a few fruits and veggies straight from the fridge.


xo♥, Lissy
All photos by Lissy Parker for lissyparker.com. You are welcome to ‘borrow’ my photos—just please credit the source.

September 30, 2016



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