Friday Flowers

Friday flowers, Valentine's Day
Happy flowers.

Good morning happy followers. Colorful flowers always make me smile—imagine what happened when these flowers arrived from Mr. P. Pink, yellow, green, raspberry, purple and white—every girl’s delight! I moved them around in the house several times before they found the perfect space on my bedroom table. Every morning I wake up to lovely flowers to brighten my day and in the evening go to sleep with happy thoughts on my mind.

Friday flowers, Valentine's Day
First they were in the kitchen,
Friday flowers, Valentine's Day
Maybe the living room?
Friday flowers, Valentine's Day
Beside the bed—perfect!

xo♥, Lissy
All photos by Lissy Parker for You are welcome to borrow my photos—just please credit the source.

March 3, 2021
March 10, 2021



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