Friday Flowers—Hydrangea Hill

Hydrangea heaven
Welcome to my hydrangea heaven.

Hydrangeas are in mass blooms at my house right now. I am amazed at the growth they have put on in just one year—they are towering over the seven-foot yews and completely covering the stone wall. Even the climbers are stretching over the top of the wall seat. We have Annabelles, Pee Gees, Strawberry Delight, Pinky Winky, Oak Leaf, Blue Mopheads, Lace caps, Limelights and Climbing Hydrangeas…and maybe a few I forgot. I think all of the credit goes to the clean mountain air, lots of rain and a cooler climate than Atlanta. The only thing that I do special is dig the hole deep, add compost, and heavy mulch them in Spring and Fall. This is only one side of the house! Note to self…plant more hydrangeas this Fall.

Hydrangea heaven
Wow—this is the best year ever!
Hydrangea heaven
The porch area is a mass of blooms.
Hydrangea heaven
They have gone crazy..
Hydrangea heaven
We need a few more around the fire pit.
Hydrangea heaven
Even the Yews are covered.

xo♥, Lissy

All photos by Lissy Parker for You are welcome to ‘borrow’ my photos—just please credit and link the source.

August 18, 2021



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    Patricia Thompson

    August 20, 2021

    Beautiful Lissy! Miss seeing you in Atlanta.

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      August 21, 2021

      Tricia, We miss you too! Loving being in the mountains now. I hope to send more photos of this house soon.
      xo, Lissy


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