Friday Flowers—Spring Planter Dreams!

Sea Island, The Cloister



Think Spring! Yes you heard me right—my brain has officially switched to all things Spring. I am dreaming of new planters and containers to fill my porches and patios. Y’all know I sold all of my planters with my Atlanta house when Mr. P promised to replace them…little did he realize how many planters we owned. These large terracotta planters are real focal points in this garden. I am loving the all green scheme this year—or maybe I just need a little green right now. Layers and layers of lush green sounds really good right about now. Don’t worry about the weather for a while and focus on Spring garden plans. Remember—Winter snow and rain brings Spring flowers…or something like that.


Sea Island, The Cloister

This is my Spring container wish.


Sea Island, The Cloister

Or maybe this one.


Sea Island, THe Cloister

Palms and teak chairs are classic.


Sea Island The Cloister

Lush, is the word in this garden.


xo♥, Lissy
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