Friday to Monday … or a Little Longer!

Tuscan village view

What a wonderful place to live.


Tuscany … enough said! Well, maybe just a few little more ideas for your next trip. Tuscany is a sensory overload of delights. The rolling hills filled with flowers and patchwork-like fields are pure heaven on earth.

Stone cottages and stucco buildings dot the landscape and the occasional castle has you ready to move right in. The markets filled with luscious fruits and veggies, the scents lofting from the restaurants and the ever present wineries—take it all in and just relax in all of the delights.

Frances Mayes had it right in ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ — “Life offers you a thousand choices … all you have to do is take one.”

Choose Tuscany!

Tuscany fields of flowers

Flowers fill the hills and fields.


Tuscan castle with a pool and a view

How about staying in a castle with a pool and a view.


Tuscan view

This view is just amazing—sky for days.


Tuscan balcony

Ok, I can totally see Diane Lane narrating on the balcony just like in ‘Under the Tuscan Sun.’


Tuscan village house

Or maybe you prefer this charming village house.


flower pots

Flower pots fill every window and cottage entry.


Tuscan garage

I love this little garage—think I would park my car somewhere else.


Tuscan market scene

Now you really can almost  ‘smell the colors’ of the fruit in this market photo.


Tuscan grape vines

Grape vines fill every little plot of land.


xo♥, Lissy
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