Highlands Mountains in Bloom Garden Tour, Part One

stone path and mountain view Highlands
stone house with gravel drive

Gravel entry path to the stone house in this Highlands garden

WThe annual garden tour in Highlands this year was probably the best garden tour The Bascom has ever hosted! The gardens were lovely, as you will see, and the events were wonderful—just sorry I missed the very talented and entertaining Frances Schultz’s lecture. The auction even included a private tour and lunch at her charming Bee Cottage in the Hamptons. When we arrived at the first Highlands garden, designed by the homeowners and maintained by Tate Landscaping, we felt as though we had been invited into an English country style garden. The designers used native plants and perennials to provide color all summer long. The series of terraces include an open green lawn garden, a fruit and flower garden and a formal English garden area.

The motor and entry court feature a gravel drive edged in cobblestone and filled with boxwood, hydrangea, rhododendron, ferns and hosta. The stone stairway leading to the terraced garden contains a water feature that reveals itself as you descend.

There are amazing mountain views from every level. The apple and fruit trees were planted fully grown, as were all trees in this enchanting garden.

The stone house is situated perfectly on the property to make the most of every view. Enjoy the tour of this lush green garden on us today and be sure to check back for part two of Highlands Mountains in Bloom.

Annabelle hydrangea and boxwood

Annabelle hydrangea and boxwood planted under the entry garden windows


gravel motor court garden

Simple and elegant gravel motor court plantings


stone house and porch

Side of the stone house seen from the top of the stone stairs


long range mountain view

Your first glimpse of the views to come—beautiful!


stone and slate water feature

The water feature, edged with slate, a surprise after coming down stairs





hydrangea border

hydrangea underplanted with hosts

I love hydrangea under planted with hosta!


bald mountain view

Wow—and how about that bald rock view!



dahlia garden

Dahlias punctuate garden with rich color


bright pink dahlia

WOW—this pink is a real show stopper!


hostas line a path

Different verities of hosta line every path—another sculpture by David Landis


white and lavender garden

The combination of white and lavender repeated throughout the garden


stone garden path

Stone path leads to the lower terrace level


lavender and white topiary

Topiary flank bottom of the path


lavneder and white topiary

Lavender and white theme repeated in the topiary


apple trees and a mountain view.

These fruiting apple trees were planted fully grown—amazing!


hydrangea on a path

More hydrangea line the path—not sure of the variety


orchard and mountain view

View from the orchard


mountain view

Grown tree planted right on the edge of the garden wall


lawn and stone wall

All terrace gardens surrounded by stone walls

stone house on a mountain

Stone house perched high above the gardens


box hedge and topiary

Porch surrounded by formal box hedges and topiary


boxwood and topiary

Opposite the box hedge is another box hedge and another view ….


window box

This colorful window box would be great at my house!


bark planter boxes

I can see these planters on my new porch!


table arrangement

Sweet arrangement on the porch dining table—yes, please



xo♥, lissy
All photos by Lissy Parker for lissyparker.com. You are welcome to ‘borrow’ my photos, just please credit the source.



  1. Reply

    Design Chic

    August 24, 2016

    It is all so gorgeous, Lissy! I want to be there to see it in person…maybe next year!

    • Reply


      August 24, 2016

      It was an amazing tour this year—wait unlit you see the next garden.

  2. Reply

    Kay Cheetham

    August 24, 2016

    So beautiful.

  3. Reply

    Carol Kellett

    September 2, 2016

    Lizzy, I just saw your blog on our house and garden in Highlands for the Bascom tour.
    Somehow the information concerning the design of the garden was completely incorrect. The names Paul Sanger and Susan Harrison were for the Harrison garden and not ours. Thank you for correcting this on your blog. The garden is maintained by
    Tate Landscaping and my husband and I have played a major part in the selection and installation of our garden. We truly enjoy it!
    Thank you, Carol Kellett

    • Reply


      September 5, 2016

      Thank you so very much-correcting now.


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