House Crush N°44—Highlands

house crush

House Crush first impressions


Happy House Crush— what a wonderful way to start the day! I thought if anything could get you off to a great start it is today’s House Crush.

This beautiful mountain house sits nestled off the main road on 26 acres of lush green gardens. Really—how could it get any better than this? The acreage includes barns, sheds, cutting gardens, meadows…even marble columns in the landscape… and an orchard.

The gardens were already established when the owner bought the property. There was no house—only a barn with no water or electricity.  Frederick L. Mozzo Studio of Atlanta designed the home around the existing barn and created this mountain paradise that the whole family enjoys.

Have a look around the property on today’s post and stay tuned for a glimpse inside the house soon—Happy House Crush!


mountain house in the Fall

Boxwoods, pumpkins and stone—love it! Notice  the dovecote detail near the entry.


mountain house in Fall

Looking back at the drive—this has a view, too.


mountain house view

That view—WOW!


mountain house view

The perfect spot for morning coffee!


mountain house in Fall

Picnic tables stand ready for the family near the orchard and the cutting garden.


mountain house in Fall

The house was originally an unfinished barn without water or electricity.


mountain house view in Fall

This side entry leads to a charming copper-screened porch complete with a stone fireplace.


mountain house

Welcome to the porch!


mountain porch

You know I love this outside bar!


mountain house porch

Just across from the bar is a wonderful place to dine near the fire.


mountain house porch ideas

A swing large enough for a nice nap is calling your name.


mountain house porch

Art on the porch—lovely idea to copy.


mountain house porch

Stay warm with this stone fireplace on the porch—cocktails anyone?


xo♥, Lissy
All photos by Lissy Parker for You are welcome to ‘borrow’ my photos—just please credit and link the source.


November 2, 2018



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    November 14, 2018

    This home is enchanting. When you say the house was built around the existing barn do you mean literally? By studying the photos the ceilings look to be 8’. It gives the appearance of being an older cottage and is so cozy looking. I’m truly smitten. Thanks for sharing.

    • Reply


      November 14, 2018

      Victoria, Yes, it is literally build from an existing barn. I actually saw the structure before the work began. It had no plumbing, electricity or even running water. The end results are truly amazing. Thanks for asking.

  2. Reply

    cindy hattersley

    April 4, 2019

    This place is fabulous Lissy!

    • Reply


      April 15, 2019

      Cindy, This house just sold and the seller is looking for another one—I’ll keep you posted.


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