House Crush—N°69

house crush Highlands
Those boxwoods!

It’s all about the charm with this House Crush. Nestled into the side of a mountain this cottage is almost totally hidden from view. The owners and renovators of this beautiful home have done a wonderful job of preserving the Old Highlands charm. Stone, cedar shakes, lush gardens and a plethora of porches—yes, please! I know this renovation was a labor of love with all of the attention to details…and they nailed it! White shutters, boxwoods and white trim add symmetry and visual interest to the cottage entrance. The addition of flower gardens filled to the brim with soft colors and greenery softens all of the stone and links the house to the mountain greenery surrounding it. Any of the six porches would be my favorite spot to start or finish the day. Have a look around…I would love to have a look inside!

house crush Highlands
Wonderland awaits.
house crush Highlands
I have always loved this little area.
house crush Highlands
Welcome to the porch.
house crush Highlands
The garden is lush and green.
house crush Highlands
Another porch—I think there are 6.
house crush Highlands
Yes, please!
house crush Highlands
White on white in the garden.
house crush Highlands
My choice of destinations.
house crush Highlands
Cocktails or coffee?
house crush Highlands
I love a stone step.
house crush Highlands
Another place to have cocktails—sorry for the blurry photo.

xo♥, Lissy

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August 13, 2021



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    August 18, 2021

    Enchanting! Such a well thought out plan of outdoor spaces to enjoy. Thanks for sharing this one.
    Now try to snag an invite girl and get us acpeek inside. Wink wink.

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      August 19, 2021

      Victoria, That is the plan!


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