Love is in the Air

Love seat and floral arrangments

This welcoming loveseat sets the mood.


The Cathedral of St. Philip hosted its annual antiques show here in Atlanta, and the Habersham Garden club had the honor of designing flower arrangements for the event. I wasn’t able to attend, but I had a little flower helper who did attend the show and took a few photos.

The theme this year was Love is in the Air. Moss covered the antique wire garden loveseat. Two urns flanked the loveseat with lush floral arrangements.

Have a sneak peak at what the gifted members of the Habersham Garden Club along with other Garden Clubs and Flower Guilds created for the show.

Love is in the air

Two large urns flank the loveseat featured above—love this!


Love this Spring flower arrangement

The St. Bartholomew’s Episcopalian Church Flower Guild designed this beautiful spring tower for the show.


love and the tree bench

The Peachtree Garden Club along with the Cherokee Garden Club designed the perfect tree bench twiggy center.


Love flower tower

This twist of vibrant flowers and twigs makes a unique design among the antique dealers.


Love and Alter flowers

The Cathedral alter was designed by St. Luke’s Episcopalian Flower Guild.


Spring flowers

Have a closer look at this magnificent display by the St. Philip Cathedral Flower Guild.


xo♥, Lissy
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March 8, 2017



  1. Reply

    Laura Iarocci

    March 10, 2017

    We are so excited to see what Habersham does each year! Love the moss bench and pillows and the beautiful design with tulip magnolias. Thank you for being so supportive of the Show. Lissy thanks for featuring this too!

  2. Reply

    Design Chic

    March 10, 2017

    All of these arrangements are incredible, but the bench is so fun! Happy weekend, Lissy!


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