My Pandemic Project—Finished Floors!

new floors
Light floors just brighten the whole room.

Finally, we are finished! It has been about 4 weeks since we started the living room floor renovation—3 weeks of work and 1 week of organization. Was it worth it…you be the judge. We are over the moon with the results. All of the dust, dirt, sanding, noise, plastic barriers and waiting have culminated in the most beautiful light wood floors. They seem to bring a new life and excitement to the room that the dark floors just could never achieve. The only new additions are the two round mirrors near the fireplace. The old mirror over the mantle moved to a guest room, and I am in search of a landscape painting to fit in its place. Have a sneak peek around and let me know what you think—more is yet to come. Staying at home is a Great thing for finishing projects!

New LR floors
Yep…this is the real deal
June 17, 2020



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    Kay Cheethzm

    June 19, 2020

    Everything you do is beautiful. Wish I could see it. Now living on a beautiful lake in Douglasville.

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      June 20, 2020

      Kay, that sounds beautiful! Come on up when you are in the area.


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