Nuptials on the Emerald Isle

Irish castle wedding
Location, location, location—Malahide Castle, yes, please!

What could be better than a wedding in Ireland in the Spring—nothing! Choose Ireland for your destination wedding. Castles, cottages, lovely gardens and friendly people, that’s Ireland in the Spring. The weather was perfect for a beautiful ceremony and all of the festivities. Music, dancing and whiskey—this is Ireland for goodness sake! Take a little weekend trip with me to the Emerald Isle—now go get that cocktail and enjoy!

Irish wedding castle
Through the garden to the lovely wedding.

Irish, English wedding
What a beautiful day for a wedding!
Irish wedding castle
A little music just adds to the festivities.
Irish wedding castle
i just had to throw a cute Irish cottage in.
Irish wedding castle
Days end in Ireland!
Irish wedding castle
Cliffs of Moher Castle—Goodbye until next time!

xo♥, Lissy

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June 5, 2019



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