Quarantine Activities—Garden Shed Dreams

wedding view
This is one of my favorite garden sheds—it is the perfect center piece this garden.

It’s a great time to think gardens. Gardening is food for the body and food for the soul. You can plant food for your healthy table or just gorgeous flowers and shrubs to feed the birds and bees and make your soul happy. I am choosing both this year. We planted 6 trees this week and 4 small hollies. That makes me think about all of those things that need a new home to help with your garden and that includes the perfect garden shed. Most of us already have tools, fertilizers and some compost in the garage—let’s move it all to a charming shed. Enjoy the charming garden sheds below and start thinking Spring. Slowing down makes us all focus on what is important to us and our families.

chold's playhouse
This is a shed with a focus—escape and plan inside by the fireplace.
oak street garden shed
And the cutest garden shed ever
Boxwoods garden shed
Topiary line the entrance to the garden storage shed.
House Crush
I love this cute garden shed and gate made form a kit from Home Depot.
Harry Potter or Prince George
WOW is the only word for this garden shed—hello Harry Potter.
gazebo and hen house
Or, maybe a version for the chickens.
How lucky are the chickens who live on the side of this shed.

xo♥, Lissy

All photos by Lissy Parker for lissyparker.com. You are welcome to ‘borrow’ my photos—just please credit and link the source.

April 1, 2020



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