Road Trip—New Orleans

The Monteleone Hotel, New Orleans
The Monteleone Hotel, New Orleans

A great hotel is the place to start—Hotel Monteleone

WWho needs a little escape from reality today? The Big Easy is a great destination for a little get-a-way. Great food and drinks, historical buildings, wonderful music, interesting people and, of course, beignets at Cafe Du Monde on the river are all good reasons to take the trip. Shopping for the blog, aka-me, ranks right up there with afternoon cocktails—and you know  everyone in New Orleans observes cocktail hour. One of my favorite shopping haunts is Bevolo lighting. All of the lanterns are custom made in the brick-walled workroom. I love them all—Williamsburg and London Street on London Yoke are two of my favorites.  All of the beautiful hand-crafted copper lamps have been made in the French Quarter since 1945. They were a favorite of A. Hays Town (who is also a favorite of mine). Take a little field trip with me—no permission slip needed.

St louis Cathedral in the French Quarter

The St. Louis Cathedral is always inspiring.


St. Louis Catherdral, New orleans, French Quarter

The scale is magnificent—notice the Bevolo Lanterns.


River boat on the Mississippi river

River boats rule here.


Copper lantersn being made by hand

The Bevolo gas lanterns being made by hand


copper lanterns on a brick wall

Beautiful lanterns just waiting for a home


cobblestone drains in the sidewalks

Yes, only I would show a picture of the stone drains—beautiful.


girls and guitar singing in hte French Quarter

Or maybe take in a concert—here singer Karen Waldrup performs live.


apartment for rent sign-not haunted

Only in New Orleans


apartment for rent sign-haunted

And on the other side—take your pick of spirits.


xo♥, Lissy
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May 20, 2016



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