Shutter Week—Part 1

gazebo and hen house

I love the shutters added to this chicken coop in Atlanta.

Shutter week—kind of like shark week, but much safer.

Shutters can add warmth and elegance to your home. Choose shutter shapes and sizes that could cover your windows (even if they are just there for looks). Adding shutter hardware like hinges and shutter dogs will also give your shutters a ‘functional’ look.

Add Old shutters to give a structure charm and character as in the chicken coop featured in the first photo. You can run the shutter boards vertically or horizontally—whatever best defines the style of your home.

Shutters can provide privacy or simply add color to your front entry. The welcoming use of shutters adds curb appeal and structure to your architecture.

Have a look at these examples and think about adding shutters to your home or garden structure.

House Crush

This is a great shutter detail—a fake window to balance the side of the house. They even added shutter dogs.

house crush, Francie Hargrove, Cashiers, NC

The shutter boards run vertically and are painted a lovely color that adds charm to this home.

The cutest garden shed ever—love these shutters!

The pavilion—love at first sight. These shutters add privacy from a busy street.

Italy shutter, Lissy Parker blog, Shutters, travel, Rome, Milan,

These functioning shutters cover an Italian office building.


Even Prada uses shutters on their store fronts.

Sea Island cottage

How charming are these lattice shutters—and so easy to add.

stone path

These horizontal wood shutters are the perfect size to cover the windows.

I love these shutters that can be closed over the French doors.

front porch in the mountains with ferns

Welcome to your mountain home that used poplar bark to make shutters.

I don’t know what I love most—the shutters, the window box or the topiary. I think maybe all three.

xo♥, Lissy
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March 29, 2019
April 5, 2019



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