Total Eclipse Day—Yes, please!

total eclipse day 2017


We loved every minute of the total eclipse day here in Cashiers. We arrived early for the party and enjoyed breakfast and golf cart tours and a little sight seeing—mainly to avoid the incredible traffic.

The viewing party chairs were lined up like soldiers on the lawn, eclipse glasses were passed out and the instruction signs were all in place. Everyone was thrilled to be there … especially on a Monday!

The bar was ready with specialty light, medium and dark drinks along with a fun playlist of sun, moon and eclipse songs. The day was a little cloudy, but we did see the eclipse and experienced the total dark and eerie quiet for two minutes.

When the moon started moving away from the sun the wind gust took everyone by surprise. We did miss seeing the shadow of the moon chase across the grass—it was way too cloudy. Most of all it was an enjoyable day packed full of friends, food and fun.

early breakfast on the patio

Early breakfast on the patio was a great idea—no traffic!


chairs lined up for the eclipse

The chairs were lined up like soldiers on the lawn.


eclipse instructions,

The instructions were all in place.


eclipse party

People are ready for the big show of 2017!


total eclipse day 2017

This is one minute…


total dark eclipse

…this is the next!


total eclipse of the sun

This is just before the total black-out.


caontainer garden

You know I had to throw in a little garden and decor for interest!


Eclipse party

What a wonderful place to spend the Eclipse of 2017!


xo♥, Lissy
All photos by Lissy Parker for You are welcome to ‘borrow’ my photos—just please credit and link the source.



August 18, 2017



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