What Every House Needs

Smallwood update

We are finally to what every house needs…landscaping. The roof is still going on, the cedar shakes for the details are on the way and the custom window is coming soon—I hope. The biggest thing happening now is the landscaping. Stone columns, gravel and stone steps, gravel drive and tons of beautiful green plants are going in. The specimen tree in front is a gorgeous European beech with burgundy leaves that I found in the back of Highlands Lawn and Garden. Hydrangea, ferns, hosta, geraniums, lambs ear, ladies mantle, inkberry and tons more are either in the ground or being installed any day now. Landscaping sets the mood for what’s inside waiting for you. It welcomes you with the sound of gravel crunching under your feet, and calming green plants leading you to the front door. Check back soon for more of the house reveal!

Smallwood update
The beds are lined with stone.
Smallwood update
We installed the window box.
Smallwood update
A large stone path leads to the front door.
smallwood update
Plants, plants, and more plants.
Smallwood update
The side path is now lined with hydrangea.
Smallwood update
This path leads to the fire pit area—lawn on the way next week.
Smallwood update
I think I killed my helper—no, he is snoring.

xo♥, Lissy

All photos by Lissy Parker for lissyparker.com. You are welcome to ‘borrow’ my photos—just please credit and link the source.

June 11, 2021



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