What to do for Fun when Quarantined!

Container store quarantine activity
It took a dolly to get it all in.

It’s time for a little productive fun, people! Look what just happened to be in my garage for three or four weeks—Container Store heaven. I had a text from one of my blog people about doing an activity post for all of us stuck at home. She just happens to be stuck in Portugal…thank goodness for technology.

Now lets haul the boxes inside and get started. I had a few storage pieces that were just too small or too long for the fridge, but fit the pantry to perfection. After reading The Home Edit I knew exactly what I needed. Short bins for the fridge and longer bins for the pantry.

Organizing saves time and money and makes your home pretty—we all love pretty. Take everything out, create groups, get rid of things, put the groups in the container that works best for you and make your life easier. Pour yourself a glass of champagne—it’s basically sparkling water and get to work. Let me know what happens!

quarantine activities
Container Store at my door.
quarantine fun
More is more.
quarantine organizing and cleaning
All unpacked!
quarantine cleaning
Love this spinning caddy
Container store fun
I decided I needed deeper bins for the pantry—thanks, The Home Edit.
quarantine fun
Now how did that cute set from Erika Reade get in there? Thinking Easter now!
cleaning in quarantine
Starting with the fridge—we eat lots of vitamin C.
food in quarantine
Larger bins for pickled everything
wine for the virus
A few necessities for the door—don’t judge me!
pantry for quarantine
I need deeper bins here, too.
stocking up
Deeper bins are working great.
food storage
Baskets for the potatoes and onions

xo♥, Lissy

All photos by Lissy Parker for lissyparker.com. You are welcome to ‘borrow’ my photos—just please credit and link the source.

March 18, 2020



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